What credit to buy a car?


What is the best credit for buying a car while limiting interest? We will see that the new or used car loan can finance a vehicle serenely over several years, provided you get the best rate. Everything you need to know about car credit.

Which credit should I choose to buy a car?

Which credit should I choose to buy a car?

There are different specialists capable of offering credit to buy a car:

  • Online credit organizations
  • The dealers
  • Banks and auto insurers

The best credit for buying a car is a new or used car loan called “affected”. Auto credit is generally offered at advantageous rates. However, it requires the delivery of a mandatory documentary proof, namely the vehicle order form. The vast majority of online credit organizations offer this auto / motorcycle loan. However, not all of them guarantee competitive rates. The use of a car credit comparator avoids ending up with much too expensive credit on your hands.


For any request for a car / motorcycle loan without proof, the preferred option is the personal loan. Without proof of use of funds, this all-purpose loan is offered at slightly higher rates than those of conventional auto credit.

How to apply for a loan?

How to apply for a loan?

Our auto loan comparator provides an immediate answer in principle. Connected to the main online car loan organizations, the tool above all allows you to obtain an overview of the best rates at a glance, by simply filling out a form.

A step by step request:

  1. Select the type of car loan (car loan or personal loan), the duration and the desired amount.
  2. Complete the credit questionnaire in 4 simple steps
  3. Our comparator displays the list of the best APR rates of the day recovered from the best organizations
  4. The organization with the lowest rate provides an immediate response
  5. In the event of a negative opinion (acceptability <5%) at the best rate, it is possible to seek the opinion of each of the other specialists located on the podium.

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