Quick credit to fix the car


Having the car in condition is key to preserving our safety and that of everyone traveling with us. Avoiding service or an arrangement for lack of money before leaving the route can be much more expensive in the long term. Luckily, we can access a quick credit to fix the car .

Sheet metal and paint, change of covers, service, do the VTV: there are many things that we can solve with something more silver. We tell you step by step how to get it and make the most popular arrangements.

How to get a quick credit

How to get a quick credit

If we want to take care of our family, the first thing we have to do is get the money to make the necessary arrangements. It is very simple and there is no need to move from your home. Getting a personal credit does not mean dealing with the eternal banking bureaucracy and presenting dozens of documents. We tell you how to do it step by step.

  • Amount: First we must select the amount of money we need for the settlement. For example, we can calculate how much it costs to do the service or change the covers.
  • Registration: then, we must register and complete a short form with our personal and bank information. All data is confidential. This information is essential for the loan to be granted quickly, comfortably but securely.
  • Confirmation: If the request is approved, you will receive a notification on your site profile, by email or through a text message. Then, the required money will be transferred to your bank account.

In addition to being practical, fast loans have a lower interest rate than traditional banks, require less collateral and can help us fix the car. We give you some recommendations for you to consider when doing so.

Recommendations to fix the car

Keeping the car in good condition is very important to maintain its proper functioning and not be devalued so quickly. Over the years, most cars begin to lose their initial brightness but we can take some steps to extend their life.

Car service

Car service

Bringing the car to service is one of the main tasks of proper vehicle maintenance. However, most people forget to do so or take much longer than they should. Sometimes due to carelessness, and sometimes for not having enough money to do so. But having the car in good condition saves us money and possible future problems. Some recommendations to do so.

  • User manual: when we buy a car, the seller gives us a “user manual” with company recommendations. There we can find instructions on how often it is necessary to carry out a check. Some establish a period of 10,000 km, others 5,000 and some 2,500 for the first visit. Ideally, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • General rules: if we do not have the user manual we must be attentive to the signals that the car gives us. In general, it is recommended to make an oil change every 5000 or 6000 km or every six months. This oil change in turn allows mechanics to check car fluid levels, brakes, lights, engine mounts, suspension, dampers, wheels and other parts that should be checked periodically to prevent car wear.
  • Official workshop: it is best to service the car in the official workshops of the car brand as they guarantee a knowledge of the vehicle and the technology it uses. While they are a bit more expensive, we can afford the difference with the personal loan and rest assured that our car is in good hands.
  • Forecast: a good measure is to schedule the next revision at the end of the service and always having a margin of time before leaving the route.

Make the change of covers periodically

car loan

Waiting for them to break to change the covers is a bad idea, especially since it can be very dangerous. Worn tires lose grip, especially on wet asphalt, the braking distance increases and with it, the risks of accidents. We tell you how often you have to change the covers.

  • Mileage: good tires can be changed every 50,000 kilometers. However, if we buy cheap covers we must change them before, at least 10,000 kilometers. Perhaps, it is better to spend a little more at the moment and buy high quality covers, more if we consider that we can always access a fast credit to do so without harming our economy.
  • Wear of the drawing: Another sign that it is time to change the covers is the wear on the drawing. We must visit the workshop when the depth of the workshop is less than 1.6 mm the witness can be seen in the tread. It usually coincides with the mileage analyzed in the previous point.
  • Abnormal deterioration: if we see abnormal wear on the wheels, it may be time to change. This can be evidenced by wear in the center or wear on the shoulders of the tread. In turn, we know that we have to change the tires when they have cuts, cracks or deformations, which are the previous step to a puncture or blowout.

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