First-time car loans for bad credit


You want to buy your first car or replace your old vehicle but you do not have the necessary contribution to its financing? Auto Loan can help you realize your project.

Our fist-time car buyer loan is easy

An auto loan is a loan taken out to finance the purchase of a car. Whether you want a new or used car, whether you have found the perfect vehicle or are just starting to study the project, you can call on the loan agencies to finance it. This folder gathers our tips to find your car loan faster. Do not hesitate tto apply for a first-time car buyer loan!

There are two types of loans to make this acquisition: the assigned credit and the personal loan (or unallocated credit)

The appropriated appropriation

This is a loan that is directly related to your purchase. It is granted to you by an organization for the specific purpose of buying a car.

We must, therefore, justify the acquisition of the latter by providing, for example, the corresponding order form.

The main advantage of this type of credit is to start paying the monthly payments only upon receipt of the vehicle. The loan can be canceled if your purchase is also canceled.

The personal loan

It is consumer credit. It is not necessary to provide the proof required for your acquisition. On the other hand, monthly payments are to be paid as soon as it is set up, even if you have not yet bought your car.

What are the proofs to provide?

The documents to be provided differ from one lending institution to another but also according to the type of loan for which you choose.

In addition, depending on your debt ratio, you may be asked to provide proof of your other loans already in progress (mortgage, another consumer loan…).

As a general rule, you need to be able to prove your identity and your income, these elements form the basis of your loan file.

The credentials

Here are the documents to prepare to confirm your identity:

  • a copy of the double-sided ID;
  • proof of address less than 3 months old.

A copy of your family booklet may also be required to certify your marital status and to calculate your living income if, for example, you have dependent children.

Proof of income

Proof of income

The following information should be collected to justify your income:

  • your last payslip in year N-1 or your last tax notice;
  • your last 3 payslips;
  • your possible proof of additional income such as rental income.

How to choose a car loan?


Before embarking on the search for your car loan, it is imperative to know the parameters that make up a loan.

The total amount of the loan: this is the sum of the monthly payments including the insurance costs if there is one, the handling fees, the interest, to which one subtracts the amount borrowed.

The duration: it corresponds to the number of monthly payments that will have to be paid.

APR (annual percentage rate of charge): expressed as a percentage, it represents the total cost of credit and includes all loan costs.

The cost of the borrower insurance: in case of subscription, it is the amount paid to insure you in case of a change of situation (unemployment, disability, death…).


The main advantage of auto credit, whether it is affected or not, is that you do not have to make a cash advance. It is possible to borrow the total sum or only a part if you benefit from a personal contribution.

The inconvenience

The total amount of credit will cost you more than if you had financed the vehicle without a loan. Of course, a loan commits you, so it is important to anticipate possible changes in the situation and to take into account in particular when you choose to opt for loan insurance or not.

Why use a credit comparator?

Between traditional banks and specialized organizations, it can be difficult to navigate all the offers on the market.

Also, credit comparators make it possible to obtain loan offers according to the criteria that you have previously selected.

In this sense, our credit comparator has been designed to assist you in your search and find a loan offer faster.