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Hiring a car insurance is one of the main tasks when buying a new car. Whether we consider our car as a luxury that we want to take care of or if we consider it a necessity that we must have to be transported daily, whether it is the purchase of a used car or a 0km car, be covered with good insurance It’s fundamental. It should be considered that cars are devalued over time and that they are also exposed to various accidents.

In Puncho LuBois we bring you a series of tips that we recommend to follow when hiring auto insurance.

Tips to choose the best auto insurance for us:

Opting for insurance that protects us from all risks


Hiring insurance that protects us from all risks is essential. It is best to obtain insurance that not only protects our car, but also covers damages that may be caused to third parties, be it cars, motorcycles, bicycles or people.

For this type of insurance, it is necessary to consult at least one Civil Liability Insurance. This insurance will solve all the damages suffered during an accident, either in our car or other people’s cars.

Review the coverages

Secondly, it is important that when we choose our auto insurance, we must keep in mind that the coverages must be reviewed. We must investigate the coverage offered by the insurance we are hiring. We can consult with a specialist in the field to understand if the insurance is reasonable with the price. We must make sure that the insurance we are choosing is the most appropriate for our case and that it adapts to our monthly income.


car insurance

Insured amounts It is important that the insured amounts are reviewed. Check and be clear about the insured amount and what the deductible is.

Worldwide coverage

A good factor to consider is that the company has worldwide coverage. This will help you in case you are going to travel and want to do it with the security and peace of mind that you will be covered wherever you go.

Quotes on web pages

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Nowadays you can get quotes from different companies without having to leave your home, since they can do it online. It is important that you make at least 3 quotes from other companies so you can have all the information before making a decision.

The most important thing is that you find insurance with which you can feel comfortable and that suits your pocket. In many cases, people choose to avail loans for used cars and then invest their savings in taking out good car insurance. Whatever the case, there are many options and you will surely get the most appropriate for you.

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